Mon, 19/10/2015 - 09:00

In the week of October 19-22, the ICT conference of the European Commission is taking place, attracting thousands of ICT enthusiasts from academia, industry and young-and-upcoming target groups to Lisbon.

Of course, PHENICX will be here as well! We already appeared in the Press Room of the Digital Agenda for Europe, and in the coming days, you can catch us at the following events:

  • From October 20-22, during the regular Exhibition opening hours, you will be able to continuously find our project members at Exhibition stand i18, where we will showcase our latest and greatest integrated prototype, talk you through all underlying technologies, and show how PHENICX is starting to make impact;
  • On Wednesday October 21 from 9.30-10 h, head for the stage in Hall 2 where dissemination coordinator Cynthia will wake you up with live piano music - while making a case for the various interests pursued within the project.

Next to this, we are taking advantage of being geographically at the same place as many related sister projects, leading to our following further appearances:

  • On October 19, we will present at the SceneNet conference, exchanging thoughts with several related projects focusing on multi-perspective audiovisual experiences;
  • On October 21, right after our show, we will present at the Human Creativity in Music workshop, connecting to several related projects focusing on music and creativity.

Looking forward to many interesting and inspiring encounters!