PHENICX presence at 8th European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC)

Wed, 17/09/2014 - 14:00

Agustín Martorell, from the Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra participated at the 8th European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC) in Leuven (Belgium), fromSeptember 17th-20th 2014, presenting the paper:

A. Martorell, 'Systematic Set-Class Surface Analysis: a Hierarchical Multi-Scale Approach'

Poster EUROMACEuroMAC is a large conference (4 full days, ~10 parallel sessions), covering a wide range of music analysis branches. PHENICX's contribution was framed in a two-day session on Computational Music Analysis, mostly focused on symbolic data. Topics included: pattern finding, rhythm, tonality, structure, performance, improvisation, creativity, and (graphical) score applications. Two panel sessions discussed algorithm evaluation and methodological aspects of computational structural analysis.

We also attended several sessions on varied topics (avant-garde and Renaissance music, tonal theory, music notation, history, epistemology and education), where we observed a moderate usage of computational methods for assisting research (e.g. history and theory), as well as notable methodological differences with respect to the 'computational community'.

The closing keynote by Richard Taruskin, 'Is Anything Unanalyzable?', was particularly inspiring.

Online abstracts are available online.