Phenicx hosts the User Experience Round Table discussion at the Audio Visual Gestalt Workshop

Thu, 02/10/2014 - 12:45
Phenicx participated in a very interesting gathering of FP7 projects that embed the opportunity to profit from each others advances. Reasons enough to come together and find out if there could be any senergy between the different projects.
We were invited for the Audio Visual Gestalt Workshop in Bremen on september 30th by Chen and Nizan Sagiv from the SceneNet project. The workshop is an indirect result of an initiative from Ron van der Sterren of Phenicx partner Videodock, to contact Chen and Nizan from SceneNet to talk about possible ways of cooperation between the two projects. The cooperation turned out to be less obvious than hoped for, but thanks to Chen and Nizan that casual Skype talk turned out to become a workshop that could well have been the start of a series of interesting collaborations.
Besides Phenicx and Scenet there were representatives of c-Space, HANDICAMS, Harvest4D, Focus-K3D, Vconect, iCoSOLE and ROMEO. After the kick-off with short presentations of all the projects, the day was filled with three consecutive round table discussions. Ron van der Sterren led the User Experience & Visualization of Audio Visual Information together with Raffaele De Amicis from c-Space and focussed on the issue of the end user that so often seems to be forgotten.
But despite all the intelligent words and useful exchange of information, in the end, one small piece of glass stole the show really... ;-)