Working session at JKU

Mon, 17/11/2014 - 16:30

On Nov 14, 2014, we (Gerhard Widmer and Markus Schedl from JKU) met with 16 lecturers and participants of a post-graduate study program on Music Communication, Education, and Promotion at the Anton Bruckner University of Linz. The meeting took place at our department. The participants were professionals from the music field -- music teachers, educators, event organizers -- so they are highly interested in new techniques and approaches to teaching music, and reaching new audiences. We presented major achievements of the PHENICX project, among others, music piece identification from live performances, visualization techniques of performance parameters (tempo and loudness), audio-to-score alignment (including our "automatic page turner" as an application), and the prototype implementation of the RCO editions user interface. Our presentation was very well received and stimulated lively discussions, as evidenced by the photo. Topics ranged from performance-specific aspects to the interaction between members of a concert audience.