First end user experiment with mobile PHENICX interface: text guides during the event

Wed, 15/10/2014 - 15:00

For the first in venue test we pre produced textual explanations around the Symphony No. 5 from Shostakovich, that we presented to a group of 20 users in the venue through the smartphone interface. The texts were timed and send by an experienced listener through  a dedicated webinterface, controlable on a tablet, also in the venue:

The result looked something like this:

While listening to the music, the smartphones of the users received messages presenting musicology information. The experiment revealed that the expected level of intrusion is very high, even among users that were - in principle - happy with the offered ‘service’. While the information was welcomed by multiple users, most of them acknowledged that it was also distracting them from listening to the music.
Part of the test was a short questionaire, the results of which will be used to further enhance the interface for the second test in december.