Team members

Our project team brings together a group of researchers, PhD students and engineers. They all have a common objective: to rise to the scientific and technological challenges behind PHENICX project as defined in the work plan. The list of key persons involved in the Steering Committee of our project - including Project and Scientific Coordinators and WP leaders - is as follows:  

Project Coordinator Emilia Gómez Music Technology Group (UPF)
Scientific Coordinator Alan Hanjalic Delft Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab (TUD)
WP1 Project Coordination Alba B. Rosado Music Technology Group (UPF)
WP2 Scientific, technical and methodological Foundations Martha A. Larson Delft Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab (TUD)
WP3 Multimodal musical piece analysis Markus Schedl Department of Computational Perception (JKU)
WP4 Multimodal musical performance analysis Gerhard Widmer Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)
WP5 Profiling and personalisation Cynthia Liem Delft Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab (TUD)
WP6 Exploration and interaction Emilia Gómez Music Technology Group (UPF)
WP7 Implementation, releases and testing in real use cases Bauke Freiburg VideoDock (VD)
WP8 Exploitation and Dissemination Cynthia Liem Delft Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab (TUD)

In addition, a number of people within every partner is also involved in the project execution:

Partner Nr. Institution Team members
1 Music Technology Group (UPF) Agustin Martorell, Carles F. Julià, Jordi Bonada, Jordi Janer, Juanjo Bosch, Julio Carabias, Marius Miron, Oscar Mayor, Perfecto Herrera and Sergi Jordà
2 Delft Multimedia Computing Group (TUD) Alessio Bazzica, Babak Loni and Mark Melenhorst
3 Department of Computational Perception (JKU) Claudia Kindermann, Marko Tkalcic, Andreas Arzt, Hamid Eghbal-zadeh and Sebastian Boeck
4 Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra  (RCO) David Bazen and Marcel van Tilburg
5 VideoDock (VD) Nick van Ginkel and Ron van der Sterren
6 Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) Inge Hauer, Maarten Grachten, Thassilo Gadermaier and Martin Gasser 
7 Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) Alvaro Sarasua, Enric Guaus and Melissa Mercadal