Context-Aware Gesture Recognition in Classical Music Conducting

TitleContext-Aware Gesture Recognition in Classical Music Conducting
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSarasua, A
Conference NameACM Multimedia
Conference LocationBarcelona

Body movement has received increasing attention in music technology research during the last years. Some new mu- sical interfaces make use of gestures to control music in a meaningful and intuitive way. A typical approach is to use the orchestra conducting paradigm, in which the computer that generates the music would be a virtual orchestra con- ducted by the user. However, although conductors’ gestures are complex and their meaning can vary depending on the musical context, this context-dependency is still to explore. We propose a method to study context-dependency of body and facial gestures of conductors in orchestral classical mu- sic based on temporal clustering of gestures into actions, followed by an analysis of the evolution of audio features after action occurrences. For this, multi-modal data (audio, video, motion capture) will be recorded in real live concerts and rehearsals situations using unobtrusive techniques.