Study of regularizations and constraints in NMF-based drums monaural separation

TitleStudy of regularizations and constraints in NMF-based drums monaural separation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMarxer, R, Janer, J
Conference NameInternational Conference on Digital Audio Effects Conference (DAFx-13)
Date Published09/2013
Keywordsdrums, NMF, source Separation

Drums modelling is of special interest in musical source separation because of its widespread presence in western popular music. Current research has often focused on drums separation without specifically modelling the other sources present in the signal. This paper presents an extensive study of the use of regularizations and constraints to drive the factorization towards the separation between percussive and non-percussive music accompaniment. The proposed regularizations control the frequency smoothness of the basis components and the temporal sparseness of the gains. We also evaluated the use of temporal constraints on the gains to perform the separation, using both ground truth manual annotations (made publicly available) and automatically extracted transients. Objective evaluation of the results shows that, while optimal regularizations are highly dependent on the signal, drum event position contains enough information to achieve a high quality separation.