Deliverable about project website

This document, D8.1. Project website submitted by end of July'13, contains the visual image defined, a description of the current version of the website available under, and the promotional poster for general dissemination purposes (also available in Catalan).

This website is hosted by UPF and maintained by the Project Management Office in collaboration with all partners who also contribute to different sections of the website, such as publications, events and news. This deliverable is complementary to D1.2 Documentation Hub, which details the private repository filedepot where all PHENICX partners have available a number of documents required for the project execution like the contract signed with the European Commission, Description of Work (DoW), Consortium Agreement (CA), deliverables, templates as detailed in D1.1 and other documents about legal framework and useful guidelines. In addition to the filedepot, there’s an intranet with additional information about deliverables and the process for internal review. All these resources will be maintained during the whole PHENICX project duration and will be adapted to the Consortium needs.