Crowsourced filming festival @ ESMUC

Thu, 11/06/2015 - 19:15

The Phenicx consortium organized a Collaborative Video Festival during the ESMUC Big Band concert that took place last May 26th at the outdoors stage in l'Auditori, in Barcelona. The goal of this experiment was twofold: first, we wanted to evaluate some of the technologies developped in the context of Phenicx, but we also wanted to check these technologies beyond the classical music environment at the same time that we showed the research results to other musical communities (Jazz musicians and enthusiasts)

For that, we encouraged the audience to record short videos from the concert using their smartphones and upload them into a specially designed web page ( We provided internet access to the audience. As a result, a complete video document from the event was created, showing the concert from different perspectives.

The Big Band was conducted by Lluís Vidal, and we focus on the first three themes in the concert. Here there is a preview of the resulting videos:

First song: Tiptoe

Second song: Leaving

Third song: Groove Merchant