PHENICX presentation at National Library of Spain

Fri, 02/10/2015 - 09:30

The Creative Europe Office within the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture regularly organizes dissemination events and workshops to promote and facilitate the participation of Spanish entities in European funding programmes. All stakeholders within the cultural and creative fields in Spain are invited to attend those events. Last September 9th, they organised a training session on Culture and Technological Innovation in collaboration with the National Library of Spain.

The session started with an institutional opening, and later on there were flash sessions in which several innovative projects (funded by the European Commission through different programmes) were presented. The selected projects were in the fields of digitalisation and multimedia platforms, interpretation of cultural heritage (PHENICX), artistic creation and marketing and communication for developing new audiences. In addition to the presentation of innovative projects in each of the fields mentioned, there were some institutional presentations by the ICT cluster in Madrid, eNEM platform and Madri+D Knowledge Foundation.  

We received very good feedback after the presentation of the PHENICX project and got interest from some music schools and conservatories that are willing to try the tools we are developing. In addition, we also participated in the working sessions that happened after the plenary presentations, in which some project proposals that were being developed by different cultural entities were proposed and together with some other experts we tried to help them aligning those projects to the call objectives.


(PHENICX presentation starts in min 52 of the recording)